A performance of circulating genuine RMB 100 Yuan bills with stamp marks of 假币, literally meaning "counterfeit bills," by repeatedly depositing the bills into the local ATMs, Shanghai, China, 2011 – 2012.

How to discern counterfeit bills
Local banks commonly displayed sample counterfeit bills such as this one due to the widespread counterfeit bills in the market in Shanghai.
Stamp maker at work
I asked a local stamp maker to make me a copy of the "counterfeit" stamp commonly used by banks.
"Genuine counterfeits"
Genuine 100 Yuan bill with a "counterfeit" stamp mark
Genuine 100 Yuan bills, marked as "counterfeit," were circulated through repetitive deposits into the local ATMs.
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"Genuine counterfeits"

Genuine 100 Yuan bill with a "counterfeit" stamp mark