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The Centipedes

Interventions, prints with narrated drawings secretly inserted into library books, 2014–2015

The Hidden Libraries of Centipedes  



<Herman B. Wells Library, University of Indiana, Bloomington>


JV6450 .N945 Strangers at the Door, Ann Novotny


JV6450 .P35 2004 Elusive Citizenship, John S. W. Park


JV6450 .H38 1990 Illegal Aliens, Pierre N. Hauser


JV6450 .A646 New Immigration, John J. Appel


JV6450 .I553 1993 Immigrant Voices, Edited by Thomas Dublin


JV6453 .K53 2007 Small Strangers, Melissa R. Klapper


JV6455 .W8 1961 c.2 We Who Built America, Carl Wittke


JV 6455 .B87 2012 Attachments: Faces and Stories from America's Gates, Bruce I. Bustard


JV6465 .D26 1997 Not Like Us, Roger Daniels


JV6465 .C33 2012 Social Death, Lisa Marie Cacho


JV6465 .B68 2008 exodus | éxodo, Charles Bowden and Julián Cardona


JV6455 .N63 2011 The U.S. Coast Guard's War on Human Smuggling, Dennis L. Noble


JV6483 .S538 2009 "I Know It's Dangerous": Why Mexicans Risk Their Lives to Cross the Border,  Lynnaire M. Sheridan


JV6483 .S74 2010 ILLEGAL: Life and Death in Arizona's Immigration War Zone, Terry Greene Sterling


JV6483 .Y46 2014 The Biopolitics of Race: State Racism and U.S. Immigration, Sokthan Yeng


JV6483 .W47 2010 Brain Gain: Rethinking U.S. Immigration Policy, Darrell M. West


JV6493 .D38 1993 Blood on the Border: Criminal Behavior and Illegal Immigration along the Southern U.S Border, Venson C. Davis


JV6507 .A87 1990 The Path to National Suicide: An Essay on Immigration and Multiculturalism, Lawrence Auster, The American Immigration Control Foundation


JV6483 .L85 2005 The Chinatown Trunk Mystery: Murder, Miscegenation, and Other Dangerous Encounters in Turn-of-the-Century New York City, Mary Ting Yi Lui


JV6475 .R3613 2005 Dying to Cross, Jorge Ramos 


JV6450 .S75 2007 Almost All Aliens, Paul R. Spickard 


JV7402 .M3713 2013 The Beast: Riding the Rails and Dodging Narcos on the Migrant Trail, Oscar Martínez; translated by Daniela Maria Ugaz and John Washington  


JV6035 .L439 Leaving Home: Migration Yesterday and Today, Edited by Diethelm Knauf and Barry Morena; translated by Hildegard Pesch-Skevington and Horst Rössler 


JX1391 .W45 1995 World Politics and the Evolution of War, John J. Weltman 


JX1395 .W67 1990 World Politics 90/91, Russian and East European Institute


PL956 .K48 1996 An Introduction to Classical Korean Literature: From Hyangga to P'ansori, Kichung Kim 


DS918. R48 The Korean War: How we met the challenge: How all-out Asian war was averted: Why MacArthur was dismissed: Why today's war objectives must be limited, Matthew B. Ridgway, 1967


G2330 .K83 2009 The National Atlas of Korea, National Geographic Information Institute, Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs; [Editors in chief, Yongwoo Kwon, Minboo Lee, Jeong-Rock Lee]


GN25 .C48 1978 Principles of Anthropology, Eliot Dismore Chapple


GN24 .H67 The World of Man, John Joseph Honingmann, 1959


P306.2 .M4 Meaning and Translation: Philosophical and linguistic Approaches, Ed. F. Guenthner and M. Guenthner-Reutter, 1978



<Brigance Library, Dept. Of CMCL, University of Indiana, Bloomington>


American Political Patterns: Conflict and Consensus, Dan Nimmo and Thomas D. Ungs


Submission of Recorded Presidential Conversations April 30, 1974


A Study of History, Arnold Toynbee, Abridgement by D. C. Somervell 




<Reed College, Portland, Oregon>


Books used for "Translation" exhibition at the Reed College


Counter Culture: Immigrant Stories from Portland Cafe Counters, Ronault l.s. (polo) Catalani


Transnational Encapsulation, Xiang Biao


Immigration as a Factor in American History, Oscar Handlin


The Beast, Oscar Martinez


American Arrivals: Anthropology Engages the New Immigration, Nancy Foner


Moving Matters: Paths of Serial Migration, Susan Ossman


Par-dela Les Silenes, Pascale Jamoulle


Migranten, Siedler, Fluchtlinge, Saskia Sassen


Estrangers, Simona Cerutti


Modern Immigration, Annie Marion Maclean


Strangers in the World, Leo eitinger and David Schwarz


Keeping Out the Other: Critical introduction to immigration enforcement today, David C. Brotherton and Philip Kretsedemas


The Map as Art—Katharine Harmon


Paths to Inclusion, Peter Schuck and Rainer Munz


Chinese Immigration, Mary Roberts Coolidge


The Migrants Time, Saloni Mathur


To be an Immigrant, Kate Deaux


The New Americans, Enrique (Henry) T. Trueba


Approaches and Theory in International Telations, Trevor Taylor


Nations Unbound, Linda Basch, Nina Glick Schiller, and Cristina Szanton Blanc


Middle East and the North Africa Immigrants in Europe, Ahmed Al-Shahi and Richard Lawless


The Chosen Shore, Ellen Alexander Conley


Beyond Smoke and Mirrors, Douglas S. Massey, Jorge Durand, and Nolan J. Malone


Los Migrantes Que No Importan, Oscar Martinez


Theory of International Politics, Kenneth N. Waltz


Immigrant Women in the United States, Donna Gabacia


Immigrants Out! Juan F. Perea

Ethical Borders, Bill Ong Hing

The Centipedes is a network of small prints with short stories covertly inserted into the publicly endorsed and collected books about immigration, othering, or international relations at various libraries in the US. The stories are loosely connected to each other by some mention of centipedes alluding to Korean folktales in which centipedes are usually depicted as the villain harassing villagers with the ability to morph their appearances at will. In this project, however, such ability of centipedes provides ambiguity in which other characters in the narratives can reside and be ‘incubated’ before appearing in different bodies. Similar to how insects breed in unexpected places, these strange prints infiltrate the circulation systems of the libraries to migrate through others’ trajectories and unforeseen discoveries.

Read an interview about this project here.

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