Infected Instructions

An online archive of performance instructions for the age of global pandemics, 2020

Open Call (ongoing)



The old world imploded from within.

A new world awaits new instructions to begin.

We call for instructional art that reflects on and responds to the current global crises, most notably pandemics and climate change. Following the legacy of Fluxus event scores and performance instructions, this project aims to facilitate the sharing of creative responses to the changing world. 

‘Infected’ with a sense of urgency and a desire for change, we welcome instructional art that can help us reflect on our past errors, respond to the present crises, and envision a different future in various styles and approaches—poetic, ironic, absurd, humorous, whimsical, practical, self-reflexive, poignant, compassionate. Ultimately, however, we hope our instructions to be transformative in some way for those who perform them.


While our collection of instructions may be used for educational purposes, please note that this project does not necessarily call for classroom assignments designed to teach certain ‘skills’ in a traditional sense. Instead, we invite more open-ended instructions that imagine the possibility of reshaping the normal.

Accepted instructions will be archived online for anyone to freely access and perform in their own ways. Participating artists and their instructions may be invited later to be a part of future exhibitions, books, mail art, or conference panels for a broader transmission of ideas.


Submission Guide:

  • Please create instructional art that responds to the changing world where global crises demand us to define the new normal.

  • Please make sure your instructions can be followed without access to special tools, facilities, or materials. 

  • Please use a concise and clear language in your instructions. If you are using a language other than English in your instructions, please include an English translation in your submission.

  • Please include your instructions, its title, and your name in the submission email. 

  • Send your instructions to this address:

  • Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please allow a few days to receive a response.

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