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Video, color, sound, 1:52, 2020

As white globular heads of dandelion seeds are springing up, the streets remain quiet. Wild plants are still plucked out from meticulous lawns, however, while forgotten objects are decomposing under the unwavering sun, like dried corpses. With all the deaths that surround us, the frivolous effort to beautify—or, purify—one’s private landscape reminds me of our desire to conquer and contain life. Wasn’t that also how we got to where we are now? Are we destined to repeat our patterns of mistakes at both the macro and micro levels? In this work, I invite the viewer to examine the interconnected death and life of both human and nonhuman beings through a temporal juxtaposition of seemingly insignificant debris, busy insects, and a microscopic image of the novel coronavirus.



Included in the TSA_PDF series by Tiger Strikes Asteroid 


...And That Is Where a Bobcat Is Right Now

Eleventh edition curated by matthew anthony batty

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