2022      Ph.D. (nominated to candidacy) in Communication and Culture (minor in Art History), Indiana University

              Bloomington, IN, USA (ABD, expected graduation: May 2022)

              Dissertation: “Life between the Visible: Shamans, Sprits, and Illness in the World of Humans”

              Advised by Dr. Susan Lepselter and Dr. Ted Striphas 

2011      M.F.A. in Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2008      B.F.A. in Sculpturecum laudeSeoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2007      Fine Arts, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA (1-year exchange student program)


2019      Heresy,* Ivy Tech John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, IN, USA

2016      Invasive Species (two-person show with matthew batty), Noise Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA 

              Nasty Women,* Indiana University Kokomo Union Street Gallery, Kokomo, IN, USA

              Different Bodies (two-person show with Adam Rake), Jordan College of Fine Arts Annex, Butler University,                 Indianapolis, IN, USA  

2010      Never, We Were Here,* U Seok Hall, Seoul, South Korea


2020      Female Filmmakers Festival Berlin, Moviemento, Berlin, Germany (official selection, upcoming) 

              TSA_PDFprintable exhibitions by Tiger Strikes Asteroid (online, curated by matthew batty, upcoming)


              Festival of (In)appropriation #9 (tour)Northwest Film Forum (online screening, upcoming)


              Strangelove Time-based Media FestivalProgramme 2020 Climate/Diversity/Isolation, Screen 3 selected

              by Jamie Wyld (official selection, originally London-based festival migrated to online due to COVID-19) 


              Infected Instructionsan online archive of performance instructions for the age of global pandemics


2019      Altered Esthetics Film Festival 2019, Trylon Cinema, Minneapolis, MN, USA

              Blindstitch Bloomington//Quilting Bee, Lotus Education & Arts Foundation, Bloomington, IN, USA

              (in collaboration with Molly Evans)

2018      Warrior Women - Art to End Violence Against Women, Beyond Borders Language Learning Center/Beyond               Barcode Bookstore/Bind Cafe, Kokomo, IN, USA

              Fold! Staple! Riot! Oilwick, Indianapolis, IN, USA

              Output Sabotage, Noise Contemporary Art Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA

              Behoven, Indiana University Kokomo Downtown Gallery, Kokomo, IN, USA

2017      Festival of (In)appropriation #9 (tour), Spectacle Theatre, Brooklyn, NY, USA

              Get Down for Refugees, Beyond Borders Language Learning Center/Beyond Barcode

              Bookstore/Bind Cafe, Kokomo, IN, USA

              See in Space, Indiana University Kokomo Union Street Gallery, Kokomo, IN, USA

              Festival of (In)appropriation #9 (tour), Close-Up Theatre, London, UK

              Festival of (In)appropriation #9 (tour), Flatpack Film Festival, Birmingham, UK

              Those Who Arrive Survive, SGCI themed portfolio (organized by Seth Daulton), Southern Graphic Council

              International Conference 2017, Lowe’s Hotel, Atlanta, GA, USA

              Festival of (In)appropriation #9 (tour), Metro Cinema, Garneau Theater, Edmonton, AB, Canada

              Festival of (In)appropriation #9 (tour), Northwest Film Forum, Seattle, WA, USA             

              Unstable Zone: Videoart, Essay, and Experimentation, Parallel Section of 3 FICAE (Diseases International

              Short Film and Art Festival), the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, Valencia,

              Spain (organized by Ricard Mamblona and Pepe Miralles)                    

              Festival of (In)appropriation #9 (premiere), Egyptian Theater, Los Angeles, CA, USA 

2016      Short to the Point: International Short Film Festival, Romania (official selection)

              BlowUp ∙ Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival 2016, Chicago, IL, USA (official selection)

              U-Shop: Making Sense of Consumerism, Beyond Borders Language Learning Center/Beyond Barcode

              Bookstore/Bind Cafe, Kokomo, IN, USA

              Miniature Film Festival 2016, Vancouver, Canada 

              Translations - Kolkata, Rabindranath Tagore Centre, Indiana Council for Cultural Relations, Kolkata, India    

              (curated by Grazia Peduzzi and Samindranath Majumdar)

              Iris Film Festival, Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, IN, USA (received the Brian Friedman Award)

2015      Watch My Face To Read My Thoughts, Luma Project Space, Expanded Media, Texas State University

              School of Art & Design, San Marcos, TX, USA (curated by Ceniza Wier and Larry Lepovitz)

              Para-Sites: New Host Wanted, Blueline Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA 

              Third Meaning, Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR, USA (in collaboration with Mike Calway-Fagen)

              Double Exposure, Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, IN, USA 

              Translations, Feldenheimer Gallery, Reed College, Portland, OR, USA 

2014      The Message Is the Medium, Kunstnike Maja, Graafika Festival 2014, Pärnu, Estonia

              Para-Sites 2014 Distributed Exhibition Project, USA, France, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, South Korea

              Fall 2014 Student Film Showcase, Indiana University Cinema, Bloomington, IN, USA 

2012      CYNETART International Festival for Computer-Based Art 2012, Dresden, Germany

              International Stickeraward (Jurors: Florian Lange and Andreas Ullrich)

2010      Relation, Guro Art Valley, Guro Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea

              Whereabouts of an Exhibition, Gallery of Art Theory Department, Korea National University of Arts, Seoul,


              MFA Thesis Exhibition, Museum of Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


2020      "A Post-Studio Approach: Do-At-Home Assignment Ideas in Times of COVID-19 and Beyond," Collage

               Magazine, Spring 2020, Colorado Art Education Association

2017      “Trembling Masks," Things That Aren't: Noise Journal No. 1, 2016-2017, Edited and Designed by Raphael

               Cornford and William Bass, Noise Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA

2016      “Infecting Humanness: A Critique of the Autonomous Self in Contagion,” Endemic: Essays in Contagion

               Theory, Edited by M. Kari Nixon and Lorenzo Servitje, Palgrave Macmillan

2015      “The Aesthetics of Parasitism: Away from a Battle, a Rupture from within,” Critic-al

              “The Rhetoric of Disgrace and Safe Individuals,” Critic-al

2014      “Para-Sites: Four Porous Bodies and Their Parasites,” Para-’: An Anthology on Art and Parasitism. Edited by

               Yunjin La-mei Woo, Para-Sites 2014 Distributed Exhibition Project

              “The Centipedes: Liminal Narratives Traveling through Others’ Bodies,” The Postcolonialist

2011       Expansion of Perception Through Body, MFA thesis (Advisor: Ralf Volker Sander), Seoul National University



2018       "The President's Shaman Advisor: Rethinking Female Agency and Mediumship in Modern Korea,"

                Association for Asian Studies, Washington, D.C., USA, March 2018 

2015       "Habitual Transfer: Parasitic Cultivation of the Pre-emergent through the Residual," American Ethnological

                Society Spring Conference, San Diego, CA USA, March 2015 

              “Towards Parasitic Tactics: Hosting Art Interventions Online,” 2015 College Art Association 102nd Annual

               Conference, New York City, NY USA, February 2015 

2014      “Transgenic Microorganisms on Display: Stages of Dilemma, Complicity, and Assimilation,” 2014 Cultural

               Studies Association 12th Annual Cultural Studies Conference, University of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT USA,

               May 2014 

              “The Centipedes: Trans-form-meaning Stories of Liminal Spaces,” New Terrain: 8th Annual Indiana

               University Landscape, Space, and Place Graduate Student Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington,

               IN, USA, March 2014

2013      “Art as a Contagium of Resistance and Transformation,” 2013 Cultural Studies Association 11th Annual

               Cultural Studies Conference, Columbia College Chicago, Chicago, IL USA, May 2013

2010      “The Body and the City: Embracing Boundaries.” SNU–RMIT Graduate Conference, Seoul National

               University, Seoul, Korea, October 2010



2020       Curator/Editor, Infected Instructions, an online archive of performance instructions for the age of global


2017       Guest Curator, Contested Object-Bodies, Indiana University Kokomo Union Street Gallery,

               Kokomo, IN, USA

2016       Guest Curator, Traces, Indiana University Kokomo Union Street Gallery, Kokomo, IN, USA

2015       Guest Curator, New Host Wanted, Blueline Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA

2014       Editor, Para-’: An Anthology on Art and Parasitism, an anthology of essays, artist interviews, and artworks,

               produced to accompany the Para-Sites 2014 Distributed Exhibition Project

               Curator, Para-Sites 2014 Distributed Exhibition Project. Distributed exhibition project where artists and

               researchers operate ‘para-sites’ as a form of public intervention in the USA, France, New Zealand, Italy,

               Korea and the World Wide Web


2017       Summer Faculty Fellowship, Indiana University Kokomo, Kokomo, IN, USA

2016       The Brian Friedman Award, Iris Film Festival, Bloomington, IN, USA

2013       The College of Arts and Sciences Recruitment Fellowship, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, USA

2012       Second Prize, 2012 International Stickeraward, Germany

2010       Inwha Fellowship, Inwha Educational Foundation, Seoul, Korea

2006       Merit-based College Scholarship, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

2005       Kwanjeong National Scholarship, Kwanjeong Educational Foundation of Korea, Seoul, Korea

2004       Merit-based College Scholarship, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


2010       Jamhyeon Elementary School, Seoul, Korea


Zuchkerman Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA, USA

Non Grata, Pärnu, Estonia 

93 Museum, Beopheung, Paju, Korea 


2019 – present     Assistant Professor of Art, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Denver, CO, USA​​​

  •     BFA Thesis

  •     Studio Foundations: 3D

  •     Studio Foundations: Drawing (designed syllabus)

2016 – 2019          Assistant Professor in New Media, Art and Technology, Indiana University Kokomo, IN, USA

  •     Contemporary Art: 1960 to the Present (designed syllabus)

  •     Topics in Spatial Art: Theory and Practice I, II, & III (designed syllabus)

  •     Exploration of Materials and Process (designed syllabus)

  •     Drawing III & Advanced Drawing (designed syllabus)

  •     Connected Foundations (team-taught)

  •     Core Foundations (team-taught)

  •     Fundamental Studio: 3D (designed syllabus)

  •     Fundamental Studio: Drawing (designed syllabus)

  •     Independent Study 

  •     Senior Capstone

2012 – 2016          Associate Instructor (instructor of record) of Communication and Culture, Indiana University

                              Bloomington, IN, USA

  •     Introduction to Motion Picture Production (undergraduate & graduate combined)

  •     A Cultural Approach to Interpersonal Communication 

  •     Public Speaking 

2010                     Teaching Assistant in Sculpture, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

  •     Sculpture 5 

  •     Form and Space 3 

  •     Wood Sculpture 2 

  •     Basic Sculpture 1 

2008                     Certificate of Secondary Education in Art, Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology, Korea

2003 – 2006         Art Instructor, Hwehwa Jungshin Art Institute, Seoul, Korea

                             Drawing, painting, sculpture (pre-college student courses)



2015 – 2016          English-Korean translator of art-related texts for museums in Korea, Art & Writing, Seoul, Korea

2009 – 2010          Illustrator, YBM, Seoul, Korea


2011 – 2012          Intensive low-intermediate Chinese language program, International Cultural Exchange School,

                              Donghua University, Shanghai, China

2011                      Certificate of elementary Chinese summer language program, International Cultural Exchange

                              School, Donghua University, Shanghai, China



Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, InDesign

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