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Habitual Transfer

Social intervention, 2014-2015

Habitual Transfer is a construction of situations in which participants can intervene the flow of their everyday life through others'  habits. In these situations, participants can choose to give away, lend, or share one of their habits with me, as another participant. The habits are then practiced and negotiated in my daily routine until they become my own. During the habit collecting process, participants are asked to identify their habits and to give instructions on the recommended use or function of the habits. The participants are then asked to write this content on cards with dates and signatures, specifying a lending period if they choose to lend their habits, as a way of symbolically  "transferring" their habits to me. In the cases of giving away or lending habits, the participants are also advised to refrain from "their" habits once they are transferred to a pool of "my" habits. This project may involve exchanges of habits between multiple participants as well. 

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