A Bucket of Potential-Dirt Matter from Three Isolated Places

This bucket of matter consists of three socially and politically isolated 'potential-dirt materials that could have been in a cyclical rhythm of composition and decomposition: asphalt-heavy soil found on our apartment parking lot, fallen leaves pilled on the corners of the same lot, and recent itchen scrapts from our backyard-less partment. We hope the fungal body of white umshroom in the compost will continue its process of breaking down of organic matter so that these three 'isolated,' 'potential-dirts' will integrate each other into a cycle of arrangement and dearrangement through what we call 'living.'


Made in collaboration with Zachary Carlisle Davidson as a part of a collaborative project by Mike Calway-fagen, The Lung That Mistook the Breath, which brings dirt from multiple places to a single space. 2015

Potential Dirt Manifesto
The Lung That Mistook the Breath
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