Student Work

Spatial Art II (concepts)
Wax-sealed letters about intimacy were surreptitiously inserted into the pockets of used clothes at a thrift store
Spatial Art II (concepts)
The idea of 'hope' embedded in bright yellow circles, unexpectedly popped up in public places
Spatial Art III (instructions)
Body armor made to protect oneself when confronting the victimizing memories of a personal trauma (later turned into an instruction for others to make their own body armors)
Spatial Art II (body & identity)
Wearable piece made out of stockings, accompanied by a performance of asking people to fill up the stockings with sand, razor blades, and broken glass shards, representing the weight of gendered expectations
Spatial Art II (body & identity)
Traumatic memories both revealed and concealed through redacted text and diary pages burnt inside ceramic pieces (people were invited to walk on the ceramic pieces to see the text at the end of the corridor, thereby crushing the pieces in the process)
Material & Process (hidden material)
Modified underwear and other everyday objects creating a scene of domestic violence
Material & Process (transformation)
Oral stories of LGBTQ people's experience with Christianity turned into an audio-visual piece
Material & Process (transformation)
Student's own US military uniforms repurposed to make Perahan Tunban (a male clothing worn by men in north western Pakistan and eastern Afghanistan)
Spatial Art III (body & identity)
Dinner table with a female torso as the main dish, problematizing the prevalent objectification and sexual consumption of female bodies
Spatial Art II (body & identity)
Playful parody of Sandro Botticelli's The Birth of Venus as the student's self-portrait
Spatial Art I (ripples in space)
A forgotten 19C cemetery for African Americans in Kokomo is suddenly accentuated by a long line of laundry with their names fluttering in the wind
Material & Process (hidden material)
Common Indiana "weeds" invited to a flower bed made out of repurposed fence wood
Spatial Art I (ripples in space)
Single-channel video of a pond repeatedly disturbed and then returning undisturbed
Foundations (sound instrument)
Sound instrument composed of natural materials (when water is poured from the top, the cascading structure with gravel creates sounds like a quiet brook)
Spatial Art I (ripples in space)
Office building corridor intervened by a sudden appearance of vines
Spatial Art I (verb)
Based on the verb, to burn, a plate of various ingredients exposed to different stages of burning invites participants to explore their smell, touch, and taste
Spatial Art (time)
Participants are invited to wear mittens and constraining belts, while performing menial tasks surrounded by various timers producing an anxiety-provoking soundscape
Spatial Art (verb)
Focusing on the verb, to cut, the student created a temporary blockage in a hallway where participants are invited to cut their way through the unexpected boundary
Foundations (paper shadows)
Three-dimensional modeling exercise of replicating natural objects using only paper and glue
Foundations (body metaphors)
Students' own bodies expressed in diverse metaphors
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